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Starting out as a European Escape Game company called Think Your Way Out, it has now partnered Lockdown Singapore to become the most exciting events company in Singapore. With more than 30,000 participants over the past year enjoying the Lockdown brand, ThinkOut is now bringing the experience to your doorstep!

Do you want to organize the coolest event in Singapore?
Do you want to hold the most engaging and impactful corporate team-building program?

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Thinkout Events hosts a variety of activities and can customize an event to meet your needs.

Our team building activities may be eligible for up to 60% funding by government grants such as Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) and Health Promotion Board’s Workplace Health Promotion grants. Contact us today to learn how you can tap these grants for your company!

What They’re Saying


A gathering at Jurong Point did not go as planned. Your friend, Alice, did not show up, but she was messaging you about a mystical white rabbit bouncing about before she suddenly went offline..
You soon realise that there were clues left around Alice’s favourite hangouts in the mall. These clues were her desperate attempt to communicate with you as she is now trapped in another realm and the portal is closing soon. Can you track her down and bring her back before it is too late?

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Many major corporations have trusted ThinkOut Events to be their event planner. Be part of the group that trusts ThinkOut Events and make your event a success!




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