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Starting out as a European Escape Game company called Think Your Way Out, it has now partnered Lockdown Singapore to become the most exciting events company in Singapore. With more than 30,000 participants over the past year enjoying the Lockdown brand, ThinkOut is now bringing the experience to your doorstep!

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Thinkout Events hosts a variety of activities and can customize an event to meet your needs.

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Whisper of the Guardians

A shop house owner was renovating his attic when he discovered an old scroll, which supposedly contains information leading to the treasure left behind by rich Chinese merchants escaping from the Japanese during WWII. You have been hired to help decipher the scroll, with the promise of a share of the treasure if you find it.

Along the way, you will soon discover that there are guardians of the treasures, loyal families who swore to protect the treasure through generations, who have been waiting for the rightful heir. Can you locate the treasure before the thieves reach them?


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