About Us

Thinkout Events is a company specialising in events management and corporate team building games, brought to you by the team that is behind Lockdown Singapore. As one of the top escape game providers in the region, more than 200,000 players have participated in Lockdown Singapore’s escape games, including many corporate clients who chose Lockdown Singapore for team building and training.

If you are looking for the an awesome team building experience, with effective results and lasting memories, contact Thinkout Events today. We can customise any event to suit any requirements, at any location and in any environment. Our facilitators will ensure that the event is to your satisfaction. Contact us today!

Our Founder

Zoltan Jakab

Born in the city where the Rubik’s cube was invented, Zoltan has always been passionate about games that challenge the intellect. Graduating from business school and holding several accreditations in psychology tools, Zoltan practised his skills in several parts of the world, helping corporates understand more about their employees. Currently based in Singapore, Zoltan seeks to inspire and challenge minds with an immersive reality gaming experience.

Zoltan Jakab